Talent Management

We help match the right skills to the role.

Good staff are key to customer satisfaction and retention – and therefore profitability.

Research shows that poor staff selection decisions can result in huge financial costs to businesses and be hard to rectify. We can help you impress your candidates and get it right for your business:


Job Analysis

We carry out a formalized process of enquiry to identify the knowledge, skills and abilities required for specific jobs and roles. This uses an approach based on the Psychologica Model™ which enables identified competences in the role to be matched with established staff selection tools and approaches. This can also link to existing development support if required, to help ‘bridge the gap’ between current levels of ability and desired levels of attainment – in relation to your internal talent pool and the role in question.


Assessment & Development Centres

We can manage the whole process of selection including designing customized events to assess all the key competences required of a role, using a complementary range of validated measures, or identifying development needs to help staff excel in their roles. We can explore the personality characteristics, intellectual capabilities, interpersonal style and values of candidates – providing you with detailed profiles of their existing strengths and development needs, in relation to the role in question and your business objectives or recruitment strategy. Assessment/Development Centres are highly efficient and cost effective ways of doing this: generally used for up to 8 candidates at a time, they provide ‘economies of scale’ in group administration of measures such as online and written tests, observed group discussions, work simulations, structured interviews and so on.


Psychometric Tests

We are qualified to administer a wide range of psychometric tests, for use in staff selection – in addition to the Psychologica product range. As an independent consultancy we are not aligned to any of the major test publishers but draw on the best measures available for your selection needs. ‘Psychometrics’ refer to instruments and techniques with proven scientific validity and reliability in identifying individuals’ aptitude, ability, personality and preferences in areas shown to be important regarding performance, success and motivation. We work within the competency guidelines and certification of the British Psychological Society in our choice and use of such measures.


Structured Interviews

Research shows that although many psychometrics have good predictive validity, in terms of how candidates are likely to perform on the job, structured interviews can offer the best return on investment – provided they are conducted properly. We are experienced in carrying out competency based interviews on clients’ behalf, relating these to the skills and values identified as key to the role in question. This can be as part of an assessment centre approach or as a cost-effective stand-alone alternative.