Case Study: Met Office bespoke 360 design and hosting

In addition to providing products using our on-line project management platform, Psychologica also provide bespoke software design for clients.
This summer (2018) we won a contract to design and support an on-line 360 analysis survey, with bespoke output reports, for development of leaders within the Met Office (Meteorological Office), a government department in the UK.

The survey structure and output report were structured around the Met Office’s new competency and behaviour framework, with design and branding to match their organizational look and feel.

The survey set-up/admin process was carried out in-house, using the existing Psychologica Platform, with interfaces re-designed for their own internal use. This provided all the benefits of a customized tool but utilised the power, capacity and cyber/data security of the existing project management system.

This approach provided all the benefits of the unique ‘stand alone’ system, at minimal cost. As is always the case with our products, no on-going licence fee is required, merely the design, set up and testing costs and ongoing purchase of units for product use. In such cases, where sizeable numbers of surveys are required (e.g. 100+ per year) then maximum unit discounts are available.

Please contact us for more information and to see if this approach may provide the solution you require for your organization

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