Service Quality

service-qualityOur research shows a direct relationship between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction – when the climate is positive a better customer experience results, leading to increases in customer loyalty and profit.

We help you understand what your customers and staff really think and relate this to your leadership style and development agenda.

Dissatisfied customers don’t necessarily complain, they just disappear. Research shows it costs five times as much to find new customers that to retain existing ones. Quality of service determines customer satisfaction and increasingly service quality is seen as the major factor which distinguishes an organisation from its competitors.

Good leadership is key to both creating the right atmosphere for your staff and aligning this to customer expectations and needs. Our research, involving a wide range of organisations of different types and sizes, shows a direct relationship between staff perceptions of their leaders’ behaviours and the quality of services experienced by clients and customers. This has led to development of the Links range of survey and development products. These highlight the importance of good leadership in creating the right climate, to encourage staff engagement and customer focus.

We can help get this right by highlighting the key links in the service chain – between leadership styles and behaviours, aspects of service climate and factors of importance to customers.