Psychologica products

A range of validated products, based on the Psychologica Model™, to support Coaches, Consultants and HR Practitioners.

An integrated approach to development for individuals, teams or whole organizations.

Coaching and Development


We offer a range of coaching tools and materials to support practitioners in client development – for all types of individual and team coaching requirements.

These are designed to address development opportunities identified using the diagnostic survey products available, or to support general coaching needs.

Products are focused on the key areas (zones) of the Psychologica Model™:

Thinking styles and abilities (blue zone), Emotional intelligence and abilities (yellow zone), Behavior Management and Change (red zone), and the Integrated Self (personal qualities and motivations which underpin all areas).

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Why use Psychologica Coaching Tools?

Achieving Aspirations™
Blue Zone Workshop
Psychologica™ Aim to Agree
Yellow Zone Workshop
Red Zone Workshop
‘All About Me’
Integrated Self Workshop
Practitioner Workshops
Practitioner Webinars
Coaches Companion Binder