Leadership & Board Development

Investing in developing Leadership capability is key to success and profitability.

We help staff at all levels work effectively and good leadership is essential to inspire and support this.

We use a range of approaches to help develop potential in individuals, teams and whole organisations.

Individual Leaders

Leading is not the same as managing and different skills are required according to the role and rank of individuals. We use psychometric tools to help identify development needs at all levels and engage in a range of coaching and other approaches to help address these. This can include helping in development of strategy, improving operational performance, conducting difficult and challenging conversations and understanding different leaderships styles and how these impact on the climate within organisations. Leadership can also be considered as an attitude to ones’ work at any organisational levels and we help to develop a sense of responsibility and values-led behaviours in all staff.



Effective teamwork is dependent on cooperation between individuals, in the fulfilment of particular tasks, projects or goals. Teams form a basis for the most fundamental social relationships within organisations, and good communication, trust, empathy, self-other awareness, unity and shared vision are all essential elements and are covered in the team development workshops based on Psychologica Zones™. However, the most effective teams are not comprised of totally like-minded individuals but represent a range of the broad skills, attitudes and perspectives which become ‘greater than the sum of their parts’ – in order to fulfil all aspects of a task, from conception through to successful conclusion. It is essential that your key teams consist of the right mix of personalities and abilities and are enabled to work together in an open and mature way. We can help by:



The Psychologica Model™ is also used to guide Organisational Development (OD), providing a framework to guide change and ensure the key elements are in place, in terms of function, form and culture. We help leaders to develop vision, values, strategy and plans while understanding the emotional impact of change and ensuring staff and stakeholder engagement in the change process – leading to development of a positive climate and culture. Our research shows a direct relationship between staff perceptions of leaders’ behaviours and the climate for services within organisations, which has a direct and measurable impact on customer experiences and service quality delivered.