Coaching Programmes and Pricing

Clients’ needs vary and so do the packages we offer

Our aim is to ensure a positive return on your investment by agreeing the approach which is right for you.

This may be just one or two sessions, to focus on a specific issue or ‘kick start’ a change, or form an ongoing programme of support to really benefit from enhanced insight and an opportunity to explore issues in depth.

The first step is a ‘chemistry call’ or meeting to ensure that there is a good fit between coach and client. This is essential to for you to feel comfortable and confident in ‘going places’ which may at times be sensitive and challenging. This initial conversation is free of charge and is both a ‘taster’ and opportunity to consider the right approach for you.

As a guide, a typical coaching programme generally consists of approximately four sessions, usually of one to two hours length:


Career Coaching: £100 per hour.

Executive Coaching: £175 per hour.

Sessions are generally 2 hours or thereabouts (less if we have ‘got there’ already, more if we are still ‘getting there’ – though we don’t generally charge extra for exceeding 2 hours). Therefore, a typical package of 3 or 4 sessions will cost between £600 and £800.

Sessions can take place anywhere of your choosing, such as in your home or place of work – or in our consulting rooms in North Manchester (a short walk from Whitefield metro station).