Psychologica products

A range of validated products, based on the Psychologica Model™, to support Coaches, Consultants and HR Practitioners.

An integrated approach to development for individuals, teams or whole organizations.

Developmental Surveys

We offer a range of online diagnostic survey tools and reports to help identify potential at individual and team level, helping to support development and succession planning.

We can run these surveys for you or quickly set you up as a practitioner with access to our full range of products. Contact us to set up an account and get started!

Our survey tools allow you to explore individual and team performance and potential, in all areas of personal capability, and to focus on key areas for individual, team or board development. Used by coaches and practitioners to support enhanced emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, problem solving, leadership and career development, and much more.

Select the survey type, on the right, and click the product name and the product name for full details and the pound_small button for prices.

Why use Psychologica Surveys?

Leadership Standard
Leadership Plus
Leadership Style & Climate
Strategic Leadership
Engaging with Others
Fully Customizable 360°
Bureau Service (Perspectives 360°Analysis)
Skills Spectrum: Strengths Profile
Skills Spectrum: PDP
Reflections: Appraisal Survey
Reflections Career Skills
Reflections Customizable
Bureau Service (Reflections Self-Surveys)
Team-Fit 360 Report
Team-Fit Skills Report
Staff Engagement (Links™)
Customizable Team Surveys
Bureau Service (Team Development Surveys)
Practitioner Workshops
Practitioner Webinars
Coaches Companion Binder