GDPR Compliance Policy

Version 22.05.18


Trust is central to both our values and the nature of our services.
Our aim is to be a trusted partner to our clients and potential customers. We want you to feel assured that any data relating to you will be totally secure and confidential and not misused in any way.
We also wish to ensure that all our policies, practices and processes are totally transparent to you, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Psychologica provide development support to individuals, teams and organizations and, in the provision of our services, we regularly handle information of a personal and sensitive nature, in addition to straightforward customer and client details.

As such we conform to best practice and ethical guidelines on client confidentiality and in our management of personal and confidential information – both paper-based and electronic.i

Our policy is always to assure confidentiality and security of personal data, though our practices vary according to the type of data in question. The types of data we hold, and the practices we employ, are as follows:

Coaching and Consultancy

Psychometric Data

Customer and Client Details

Potential Customer Details / Mailing Lists

Research Data

This policy is available for review on our website and is referenced in all relevant documentation. With live links provided as appropriate within any electronic media.

iPsychologica Ltd conform to the ethical guidelines of the British Psychological Society and the Association for Coaching
iiAuriga Baltics
ivReachmail Inc